The major benefits of a company chosen to provide fire safety services at the site are competence and actual experience of work in fire authorities. In this case, the employee sees the situation "from within" and notes those nuances that will be certainly missed by an amateur theorist. That is why in LLC SELS we employ only work practitioners, including current fire services personal.

We offer to our clients:

  • Full fire safety control from A to Z;
  • Occasional works: briefings, training of employees.

We offer assessment services and "turnkey" monitoring (full control) of fire safety at the site at all three major stages:

Initial audit-consulting - free of charge

     If you wish to order a free initial audit of your enterprise for compliance with fire safety regulations and standards adopted in Latvia, please fill in the feedback form on the website, call by phone number +371 27441111 or send your request to e-mail

Today, we both implement large orders: we take objects in the full service, and perform occasional works: we develop and adjust the individual documents, instruct employees.

Important: We ourselves develop all documentation and within the shortest terms agree and affirm it in all state institutions (State Fire and Rescue Service, Municipal Police, etc.).

For our Customers we are ready to:

  • Develop and adjust fire safety instructions and an emergency action plan in case of fire;
  • Conduct training and practical training on fire safety;
  • Develop and revise evacuation plans;
  • Develop and maintain up to date all the documentation on fire safety and civil defense;
  • Measure resistance of electrical insulation and grounding;
  • Check and maintain fire extinguishers and fire hydrants.

We are also ready to take care on civil defense concerns:

  • Develop and adjust a plan of civil defense;
  • Train the staff in civil defense measures;
  • Issue a civil defense manual for employee self-training and briefings.

Customers of LLC SELS are granted with special advantages, in particular they:

  • Receive the most detailed and operational advice in the field of fire safety;
  • Enjoy permanent information and legal support;
  • Have a personalized plan for cooperation, taking into account the peculiarities of their enterprises

Individual services for object preparation:

We also provide individual services for installation and connection of:

  • Fire prevention alarm systems;
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system;
  • Burglar alarm;
  • CCTV systems;
  • Electronic access control system at the site.

In addition we provide services for:

  • Flame-retardant treatment of surfaces;
  • Adjustment of smoke exhaust systems;
  • Supply of any fire safety means: fire extinguishers, hydrants, firefighting shovels and other..

Ask a question or send a request

If you wish to ask questions on fire safety or purchase equipment, please fill in the feedback form on the website, call phone number +371 27441111 or send your request to e-maili